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Seattle Boat Show 2017… a sign of spring?

The Boat Show… the boat show…

Well, it might be too soon to get excited about spring but it’s on its way.  If you are in the market for Boat Insurance, stay tuned.

While Seattle hasn’t yet been hit quite as hard as other areas of the country, it has been more winter like than in recent years.  Teen’s and sub-freezing weather for couple weeks now.  Martha Lake still has a very thin sheet of ice over most of the lake.  Driving up into Mill Creek (164th St that turns into Mill Creek Rd), there is still a coned off section of road that has ice on it.  It will probably be a while before it feels “normal” around here.

Since winter is not over yet, and there is a chance we could see more freezing in the future we thought we would pass along some tips.  Safeco has a good article on how to help prevent frozen pipes (or unfreeze them) from cold weather, that is worth a quick read.  Preventing pipe freeze is is the first step, but knowing how to unfreeze is just as important.  Patience is a must.  Since we do not get a lot of extreme cold in our area, this article offers a nice refresher.

Now, for some warmer thoughts… in a couple weeks (January 27th – February 4th) the Boat Show comes to Seattle. (Ok, who can think of the boat show without automatically hearing the Seattle Boat Show jingle?)

The Seattle Boat Show is a great event, and a great time to look for a new boat.  If you are looking for a boat, and want to know how much it would cost to insure, give us a call.  We offer boat insurance for a range of boats, and would be happy to help you.  Just give us a call, 425-743-3046 or fill out our free quote form.

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Stay warm, be safe and let us know if we can help with your insurance needs.

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