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Fishing and Family Traditions

Our family has been on Martha Lake for over 50 years now.  This has brought a number of traditions, including participating in Opening Day of Fishing Season.

While the festivities have evolved over time, spending time together as a family enjoying a solid day of fishing has been a cornerstone.   This year was no exception.  The weather held together pretty nicely, and the fish were not that bad.  A couple of us caught full limits of fish, and most everyone took home something.  An opening day like this, gives us hope that the bite will continue through the rest of the season.

While we spent most of our time on the dock, there a number of boats on the lake.  Far from the large numbers of past years, there were all shapes and sizes of boats.  Boating safety is always top of mind, especially for a family who’s been insurance for 50+ years.  We found a few links on-line that are pretty good resources for brushing up on safety.

The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, pointed out a link to this free Paddle Sports Safety Course.

Here is a great resource for education and requirements in our state, for all sizes recreational boats.

Of course, don’t forget about insurance for your boat and trailer.  If you have questions about what’s covered and best way to insure your boat, please let us help you.

As they say in the fishing world, “tight lines….”

Boat Insurance

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