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Think about your insurance before renovating your home

In typical pacific northwest fashion, Spring is flirting with us. While the weather will likely continue to play games with us for a few more weeks, it will start to make many of us think about spring and summer projects around the house.

Some projects might be routine like yard work or inspections around the house for winter related repairs. You might also be thinking about more substantial projects, such as a new deck or possibly an addition to your home.

Don’t forget to talk with your insurance agent when you start to consider a large renovation to your home.  What’s “large”?  Best recommendation is to talk your insurance agent about your renovation plans and timing, so they can determine what changes might be necessary to your current coverages.

Anytime square footage is increased, is almost certain to change the coverage requirements on your homeowner policy.  Any other modifications that substantially changes the value of the home might also impact the coverage requirements.  Again, discuss these items with your insurance agent.


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