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Safety Tips for your RV

The Seattle RV Show is this week, February 11-14, 2016.

If you are new to RVing or a seasoned veteran there are a number of things to watch for to keep you safe and prolong enjoyment of your RV.

Tires are critical

Condition of your tires.  Many RV’s sit for long periods of time. While the tire might still have plenty of tread left, the side walls can age quickly from sun and weather.  Be sure to inspect your tires before putting the RV on the road.  Keep the covered when you are not traveling, to prolong the life.

Tire Pressure is another safety item to check for.  Not only will this help the tires perform better and last longer, under-inflated tires run the risk of failure. Be sure to check the pressure when they are cold, and follow the pressure levels as indicated on the sidewalls or in your owners manual.

Weight and Tow Vehicle

Make sure when considering a tow vehicle for your trailer, you take into account the fully loaded weight of the RV.  Find a certified platform scale and get weighed to make sure the weight is properly distributed and you are within the capacity of your tow vehicle.


If you store your RV during the winter, take time to follow the manufactures recommendation for properly winterizing and storing your RV to ensure you don’t discover surprises in the spring. Drain water tanks, clean out the fridge and freezer, properly ventilate, watch your batteries to ensure you don’t over charge them.

Use the spring time to do an extra deep inspection of your RV to make sure it’s ready for a new season of travel.

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Usually RVs come with a lot of user guides and manuals.  Take the time to ready through all of them, follow their instructions and hopefully you have many years of enjoyment building fun memories with your RV.

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